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June 2013

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Limericks about Members of the Dave Cullen Board

Updates:  7/7/2006 (aevkc)
Disclaimer: Just for fun.
Note: All of these were originally posted on Dave Cullen's board, mostly in the Slash Discussion & Recommendations thread under the Juicy Bits topic, but some on the Photo Captioning Fun thread.

Well, what would we do without amdaz,
Who updates the links to the best slash?
     Let’s blow him a kiss,
     As we browse through his lists.
Guess which wins when slash and RL clash?

MinAngel, an overachiever,
Contracted Brokeback Mountain fever,
     Took a stand on the FNIT,
     Where Ennis’s hand lit.
And became a confirmed cock-believer.

A testy tart of a poet,
Is MWP, and we know it!
     With all that he’s got,
     (And sugar on top!)
He’s happy to dance ‘round and show it.

Midwest_girl (aevkc),
Was outed by chance recently:
     Google searching one night,
     Brought her work to the light.
Now she’s read by her whole family!

Oh, let us give credit where credit is due,
Cause fanfic is written by more than a few.
     But add in a cover with flair,
     And we all say “Well, I declare,
There’s only one mobody.”  That is so true!

A poster who shall here be nameless,
Attempted poor me to defame.  Guess
     Who then spoke up for me!
     ‘Twas B73!
She don’t care ‘bout th’cassional lame stress.

When mod Bobbie posted us:  “Fools,
Why ain’t you been follrin the rules?”
     This outrageous notion,
     Caused quite a commotion,
And we all got stubborn as mules!

RickB deserves much more than only three cheers,
For some of his captions have moved us to tears.
     With others we’re ROTFL.
     Oh, they are so not dull!
Yes, we’re all thrilled when Rick’s latest opus appears!

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