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June 2013

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Five Things LaShawn Won't Talk About

Disclaimer: The characters aren't mine. I make no money on this.

Five Things LaShawn Won't Talk About

First, why they left Lubbock. Oh, she'll chatter on about things she misses and things she likes better here in Childress. Weather, local politics, neighborhoods, shopping… She'll go on—at length—about the new job with Roy Taylor and the old job with… Well, she never does name any names; just says "a big ole ranch" or a vague description of some of Randall's duties: "buyin all the feed an such."`You'd almost wonder what they've got to hide, if you weren't already convinced by her verbal spate that LaShawn never hides anything.

Second, her junior year in college. From pre-school through high school she has an endless fund of stories about herself and her family and her friends. Same for her freshman, sophomore, and senior years at Southern Methodist. And all her summer activities seem to be an open book. It's easy not to notice that none of her prattle touches on the period September 1964 to June 1965. It's as though that whole school year just didn't happen.

In italics, underlined, capitalized. How I Found Out About Randall. That's how she thinks of it, streaming across her mind like a movie title or the headline of a breaking news story on TV. Then the movie plays for her: Randall coming in, beat up, distraught, in tears, on his knees to her, begging her not to leave him. His mumbled confession about "seeing somebody else," which she knew–even in her shock–was incomplete. His promises never to stray again, which she never believed, then or later. Finally, the missing piece, when Randall-and-Bob was common knowledge–she, of course, the last to know–and he left his job with Johnson Feed & Supply and she left her job with Neiman Marcus and they packed up and moved to Lubbock. She never talks about it.

Fourth, her struggle to decide whether to stay with him or leave him. She loves him, with all his faults; the faults she complains of freely and the one she doesn't mention. And he loves her, or says he does. She believes him, but it's not the kind of love she should expect from a husband; is it enough? He'll never be faithful, but maybe, just maybe, he could learn to be discreet… She keeps it all to herself, and never tells a soul.

Fifth, his new friend, Jack Twist.


Very good - we don't often get to read LaShawn's point of view.
Thanks for reading. No, we don't hear very much about LaShawn. But she and Randall are just as much victims of DRH (Destructive Rural Homophobia) as any of the other characters. I've been wondering for some time what kind of a relationship they have.


Sid, more about Lashawn than I have ever seen before. Very good idea with her talking so much that everyone thinks she has nothing to hide. And you had a Twist at the end of your story.



Re: Lashawn

LaShawn is one of the least-explored characters from the movie. Despite all her chatter, she's a woman of mystery. I couldn't resist trying her on.

And it's always nice to have a Twist at the end of the story!
Ohhh, this is really great! I love the imaginative use of the "5 things" prompt, and I love thinking about things from LaShawn's perspective. You've got me wondering about junior year of college now, darn it.:) My imagination is busily supplying what happened then, which shows what a great job you did laying out the question . . .

And of course, the writing -- well, it's wonderful. Each paragraph ends with something that really packs a punch. And the last "thing" of all - yeah. Another punch.

I loved this look into Randall and LaShawn - write more!

Well, I don't know what happened in her Junior year. The muse hasn't told me. I think she might have been raped. My friend Julie suggests that she may have got pregnant and possibly had an abortion. Or maybe some scandalous thing back at home? Your guess is as good as mine.

My next set of drabbles will have 2 or 3 devoted to Randall and LaShawn.

Thank you so much for your encouragement.
You rock. This was great! Thank you for this. Damn.

His new friend Jack Twist.

Thank you for writing, please write more, I miss you......



Some of us got it; some of us ain't. I admire so much the way you (and other authors) can provide us with such quantities of high-class entertainment, while I plod along, waiting for the next flash of inspiration to hit.

I miss you too. Are you coming to visit SF any time soon?
Wow, this was great to read about - a whole new perspective and there's not enough of what La Shawn must have thought about.

And I love how you end each thing with such an impact.

I've missed your work. *hugs*
Thank you. You've been a supporter from the very beginning, and it's so lovely to have your feedback. I've had an idea for a while, and I'm hoping to work it up into another "Five Things..." before the deadline.
Yes, hard as it may be to believe, there must be things even LaShawn would keep silent about.

This is so good. And what a novel perspective.

Thank you!
Thank you for your kind comment. Someone who talks that much often has things they want to hide. The talk forestalls questions, and drowns out the scary thoughts.
Oh this was great! I was very intrigued to read this from LaShawn's pov, and find out what she *doesn't* talk about. Thank you for sharing this.
Thank you for reading and for commenting. Yes, it came as a surprise to many (me included) that there might be anything that LaShawn doesn't talk about... ;)
You don't write remotely as much as I'd wish, but believe me, when you do it's strong stuff. Thank you


Thanks so much. I don't write as much as I wish, either. The muses don't show up on any regular schedule around here. I'm always writing--if only in my head--but getting it down on paper (or Word document) and getting it fit to post... Well, I wish I was prolific like some.
Damn. This was good. Poor, underrated Lashawn. Speaking as a gabblemouth of the first order, I thank you for this. Last line was a killer. Imagine being that poor woman and knowing.
Not an easy life for her, poor LaShawn. I wonder what she thinks about Jack. Is she jealous, resentful, worried? Does she think Jack is an improvement on Randall's prior flings? Maybe someday one of us will find out and tell...

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Great stuff, Sid, even if you didn't show me how to get here!

Any of your '5 things' could be a story in itself. How about it?

How about it?


Re: How about it?

What does "Eeepp" mean?Howe about all of them together?
Oo, fantastic! So original to write from LaShawn's POV! Great work!!!
Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it. She's rather a neglected character in the fanfic world, isn't she?

"Eeeppp" yourself!

If writing a srory about LaShawn is so ridiculous, why'd you write 5 things about her!
Very nice, Sid. It's a fresh subject, and you did it well.

The second one hurt, and so did the fifth one. Poor La Shawn.

Thanks for sharing this. B.