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June 2013

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Anticlimax - TDK vignette

Here's a little vignette based on an idea I had while seeing The Dark Knight. Contains --spoilers-- so be warned. 163 words (hey, I said it was little!). I don't call it a drabble, because to me a drabble is 100 words, exactly. I suppose I could have done a little pruning, but trimming Joker-prolixity just seems Wrong, you know?

The usual disclaimers: I don't own the Joker (like anybody could!)



That was too bad about the ferries. Such a great gag, and it just fell flat. Perhaps it was a little too much like repeating himself? Too similar to Dent and Rachel, both in mortal straits, and only time to save one? Do you think? Well, maybe, maybe not.

And the trouble he had taken, too, making sure that the boat wouldn’t go up in one huge explosion, killing everybody instantly—charming though that might have been under other circumstances—but in a careful progression, quick enough and thorough enough so that they couldn’t escape, but with enough time built in so that they’d know that the Joker had stacked the deck again, ha ha! That the detonator they held wasn’t for the other ferry, but for their own. So perfect.

And then they went and all got noble or something—both ferries! And then he didn’t even get to blow them both himself. Not one of his successes. Ah, well, next time…

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Hee hee!!!!! Rad!

SO good to see you writing in this fandom. More, peeze. I love your drabbles and drabblets and vignettes. :)


Hi, Sid.

This piece is wonderful.

I agree that editing Joker is unnatural, and that not even his creators could own him. His embodier, on the other hand... good heavens, did Heath ever own him, holy smoke. The universe is so unfair *weeps*.

When I saw TDK I was absolutely convinced, as soon as Joker explained to them about the detonators, that each boat had their own detonator and not that for the other. I'm still convinced. I love that it got left ambiguous, though. And I loved what that one big scary-looking (well, actually, to me, extremely cool-looking) criminal did.

Hey, I sent you an LJ PM a few weeks ago. Did you get it? If not, my email address is jackien1968 at yahoo dot com. I would like very much to communicate with you.

Good to get some of your writing again.

Best regards,


Hi there

Hey there, Sid,

In the way of the universe weirdness, I was thinking about you just moments ago - your birthday is coming up, after all! And then I log into LJ and find this lovely piece at the top of my friends page.

What a nice job characterizing Heath's Joker...twisted and perverse and eminently logical in his own way. I saw TDK last Saturday with a couple of Brokies and it was a fabulous and bitter experience, as it must be.

I hope you're doing well. I miss you.

Re: Hi there

oops...did not realize I was not logged into LJ...
Sid, it's SO great to see you writing again, you know I've always just adored your limericks and drabbles and yah! To see a Joker one!

Loved it. Just loved it. :)


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