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June 2013

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Like a Bunny...

Okay, so I've FINALLY gotten around to re-posting this quickie that I wrote back in May of 2009 for the bmm-drabbles Chocolate Fest. Not a contest entry, just a little one-shot--240 words.

Rating, probably R.

April 22, 1973
Somewhere in the Bighorn Mountains

“Jack, what the hell…?”

“Lureen told me get it out a the house. Bobby’s eatin himself sick on it,” Jack explained, as he continued to empty the big paper sack of Easter candy. Gum drops, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, and chocolate…

“We eat all that we’ll be sick, too!”

“Just take what you want. Anythin left over we’ll leave it for the raccoons.” He pulled a fancy gold box out of the pile, drew out a large decorated chocolate-covered egg, sliced off a chunk, and handed it to Ennis. “Here. Walnut fudge. Really good stuff.”

Ennis nibbled cautiously at it and had to agree. “Mmmm.”

“Oh, and here—” handing over one of a pair of foot-tall chocolate rabbits. “One for each of us. Solid chocolate, too; none a that hollow crap.” He shot Ennis a sidelong glance, and began to suck luxuriously on the 4” upstanding ears.

Ennis reddened. “Shit,” he mumbled, trying to tear his eyes away.

“Mmmm-mmm. Gooood,” Jack moaned. Then he grinned, and bit down hard. Ennis winced involuntarily as Jack chomped away at the severed ears.

Later that night, Jack suggested, “You know, I really like chocolate. Maybe we could get some a that Hershey syrup… pour it over your dick… I’d like to lick it all off.”

“After what I seen you done to that rabbit? No fuckin way you’re gettin chocolate anywhere near my dick!”

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Ah, good one! Yeah, Ennis should be afraid after watching Jack eat those ears!
Cautious man, Ennis. Not that I think Jack WOULD get all THAT carried away, even given all the Hershey's syrup in the world, but... better safe than sorry.
Heeee, adorable.

Thank you. So glad you enjoyed!
Hah! I remember this bon bon from a few years ago!

Still funny!
Thank you! I'm trying to get all my stuff collected here, rather than scattered hither and thither. This is so any readers who want to read more can find all the more that there is in this one place. Gotta find those two microbic collections...